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The Balmoral Hall comfortably seats 150+ and has a commercial kitchen.

In 1926, at a meeting of the Balmoral district, the feasibility of building a community hall was discussed. Out of the people present at the meeting, the majority were in favour of building. Seven men were appointed to collect money, manage and proceed with the project. These seven men were: W.J. Barbour, W.H. Peacock, C.R. Chatfield, R.A. Main, J.H. Slater, G. Holloway and L. More. Later, J. Mercer, D.M. Simpson, L. Barbour and C. Pulfer were added to the committee. The organization was named the Balmoral Co-operative Hall association Ltd., on February 20th, 1926 at a meeting. George Holloway was named President, and J.H. Slater became Secretary- Treasurer.

To raise money for the project fund, 1,200 shares were sold at $5.00 each, paying no interest. Dances were held in Leo Mercer’s poolroom with ¢50 admission. Mr. T.A. Fox offered to frame the building at $5.00 a day, and the basement was build at ¢50 an hour. The official opening of the new hall was held on March 18th, 1927, with a large audience present to hear an excellent program given free of charge by five Winnipeg artists. Rental rates were set at $5.00 until 10:00 p.m. and $10.00 for all night dances. Proceeds for the evening were $165.00.

The lunches at the local dances were looked after by the Woman’s Institute and the Girl’s Club. Quite often they had a novelty dance during the evening, the prize being ¢50. A ten pound sack of sugar was awarded to the lucky admission ticket holder and once in a while they would raffle two five dollar gold pieces. Fund raising still continued with dances, card parties box socials, and local plays. Drama clubs came from Winnipeg on a 50/50 net profit basis. Admission for the plays was ¢35 for adults and ¢20 for children 12 and under.

On July 3rd, 1946, the Balmoral Rehabilitation of Veterans Committee requested that the share-holders of the existing hall consider reorganizing the hall set-up so it could become a memorial hall. On September 25th, 1946, the shareholder of the Balmoral Co-operative Hall association Ltd. relinquished their rights in favour of a Memorial Hall organization formed by the residents in the Balmoral postal area, to be known as the Balmoral Community Memorial Hall Association.

Trustees of the new organization were: John Inkster, P.E. Hawkins, and J.C. Slater. A board of nine directors were also elected: R.G. Brown, W.F. Jahns, T.A. Croy, C.D. Rupp, J.C. Slater,N.A. Stanbra, Mrs. Leo Mercer, Miss Hazel Preston and Mrs. G. Barbour. The final meeting of the Balmoral Co-operativel Hall Association was held September 30th, 1947.

The name “Balmoral Memorial Centre” was placed on the front of the hall in 1950.

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